ship docking simulator

Thanks to a long lasting experience in R&D projects and consultancy for harbour designers and Port Authorities, CETENA can offer a wide and solid competence in manoeuvring and navigation simulation activities and products.
SAND, the new generation manoeuvring ship simulator, is a complete handling simulator built upon simulation models and software developed by CETENA and using HW and SW COTS. The Simulator can be configured upon client’s requirements and is highly reconfigurable from a simple single console to a complex full bridge simulator with several connected secondary bridges.
The physical/mathematical model of SAND allows an accurate simulation of the ship behaviour and the environmental conditions thanks to the following features:

  • Environment (sea state, sea bottom map, wind, current, time of the day, etc.)
  • Ship details (propulsive devices, manoeuvring devices, hull forms, superstructures, etc.)
  • Type of ship (merchant ships, passenger ships, naval vessels, etc.).

One of the possible SAND implementations is today available in the VISLab laboratory and it is composed by a visual system with four channels and semicircular visualization, a completely reconfigurable bridge with real and virtual instruments, an instructor station for all the settings and interactions with the simulated scenario. This type of infrastructure is particularly efficient for all purposes allowing to use the simulator for: port assessment, training, virtual prototyping, ergonomic studies, marine navigation simulations, etc.

CETENA is the prime user of SAND simulator and this guarantees its continuous development with the introduction of new features and effects validated by a solid experience in applying the system in several scenarios.

Engineering solutions tailored on ship needs

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