CETENA S.p.A. – a study centre in the maritime field – which was established in 1962 and is a Fincantieri company with headquarters in Genova. CETENA provides support for its customers with a wide range of consultancy, on-board activities, specific products, laboratory tests and training programmes in the maritime field in both civil and naval sectors. CETENA manages each of these activities with its team of experts with professional competences, knowledge and experience.

To maintain a direct link with shipyard activities (engineering and production), CETENA has different offices and test laboratories in strategic positions all over Italy (Trieste - Riva Trigoso - Castellammare - Palermo).

CETENA also collaborates with different research centres in Italy and Europe and it is involved in many research projects with Universities, various Ministries and industrial companies.

In order to guarantee the best quality services, our company includes various operation units in which engineers with different competences and skills work together to find tailored solutions and to solve critical technical issues.

The dual principal aspects of CETENA are research and customer support, wich distinguish CETENA in the market giving tangible advantages to its customers: on one hand, customer support is innovative because it is provided by technicians who are also involved in research activities and on the other hand, research support is effective due to the expertise of CETENA to properly address research activities related to the input received from industrial companies.