Your ship with our knowledge

Fluid Dynamics >

Fluid dynamics is one of the long-established areas of CETENA’s activities ..

Structures and Materials >

CETENA has a long standing experience in ship structural analysis and design using FEM ..

Noise and Vibration >

The potential adverse effect of vessels as source of underwater noise is gaining ..

Ship Survivability >

In order to evaluate the ability of naval vessels to carry out a mission, CETENA has an extensive ..

Ergonomics and Human Factors >

In a world characterized by continuous technological advance and growing systems ..

Virtual Prototyping >

In the last 20 years, a dedicated area of CETENA is involved in application of Virtual Prototype ..

Manoeuvring >

CETENA has over thirty years experience in maneuvering of ship, which began in 80th ..

Mooring Analysis >

The progressive increase of ship dimensions and the worsening of environmental conditions ..

Safety at Sea >

Alternative design, Safe Return to Port (SRtP), Ship Design and Risk Assessment are the key points ..

Environment >

The environmental impact of navigation is a big issue today in maritime world where ..