fluid dynamics simulation

The environmental impact of navigation is a big issue today in maritime world where CETENA is active with a specialized team with know-how built in over 30 years of activity coming from experimental activities, research programs and consultancy for cruise ship owners and shipbuilding. In particular, prediction and monitoring of acoustic emissions in water and reduction of pollution from exhaust gases are two of the main aspects of this area.

Legislation on exhaust gases emissions from ships is continuously growing and CETENA, as part of the shipping community, is focused on the implementation of innovative technological applications to reduce the concentrations of pollutants in the exhaust gases, both for existing and new ship constructions.

CETENA, as a marine environmental consultant, has developed its experience in the field of experimental measurements of the exhaust gases through execution of several onboard measurement campaigns, to test new pollutants abatement systems or to certify the engine tested according to last standard protocols.

CETENA expertise has spread from feasibility studies for the installation onboard of abatement systems to the validation of the integrated system, by performing all the onboard measurements of pollutants and wash water characteristics.

As a result of transversal competences of different CETENA teams, the engineers are able to support the customers to analyse and compare different pollutants abatement systems to be installed onboard.