Over the years CETENA has participated in national and international projects and it plays an active role in the field of research and industrialization of innovative technological solutions capable of reducing the environmental impact of maritime transport. In this context, the maritime sector is now focused on reducing emissions of pollutants, noise and greenhouse gases both in the air and in the water, in order to achieve the best trade-off between performance, energy efficiency, emission reduction and compliance with regulations and reference standards (2030 Climate Target Plan).

Our Activities

Cetena offers various consulting services, depending on the requests of the customers:
• Environmental assessment
• Modeling of complex systems and integration of data available from the field
• Predictive model for environmental performance
• Development of procedures and best practices for environmental management
• Environmental monitoring (air and water) regarding pollutants, noise and gases for the environmental management of complex systems and facilities.

CETENA offers its customers a wide range of customer-tailored professional services, to support them step by step and lead them towards a virtuous, effective and sustainable management of the environment in which they operate, from the management office to the workshops.