Ergonomics and human factors

In a world characterized by continuous technological advance and growing systems complexity, the topic of Ergonomics and Human Factors is nowadays increasingly looked after in order to improve interfacing between human beings and machines, while at the same time ensuring the safety of operators and the robustness to human error.

In this regard, CETENA has been responsible for the conduction of specific Ergonomics and Human Factors studies for all Italian Navy vessels, working closely with the designers and validating the General Arrangements, also considering Anthropometry laws application to environments design best practice, ensuring the application of both military and civilian international standards and suggesting the adoption of cutting-edge technology for comfort enhancement.

In this framework, a deep knowledge of Light Engineering well complements usual Ergonomics principles application, helping to increase the habitability standard on both military and civilian vessels. Moreover, in the last ten years CETENA has been able to validate most of the Schemes of Complement of all the new Italian Navy ships, also offering thorough analyses on maintenance activities and, more generally, on complex organizational aspects having an impact on ship efficiency and safety.

Due to the extensive experience in the field and the broad range of available studies, CETENA is the ideal partner for Ergonomics and Human Factors integration in design, consultancy and training.