fluid dynamics simulation

Fluid dynamics is one of the long-established areas of CETENA’s activities. Know how has been built in the frame of international cooperations, EU projects, active participation in the Cooperative Research Ship.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is largely used for the assessment of ship and propeller design and the analysis of a number of ship operation aspects, such as propulsion, seakeeping, manoeuvring in calm water and waves, ship aerodynamics. Different fluid dynamics simulation software - in-house , commercial and open source – are used depending on the issue to be investigated and the required level of accuracy.

CETENA’s expertise in fluid dynamics comes from both research and a close relationship with the industry, the latter driving R&D towards the development of methods and tools to be effectively used to improve design and solve practical problems. As in other areas of CETENA’s activities, a long standing relationship with the Italian Navy is a matter of pride and has contributed to the development of know how in the naval area.

The main areas of fluid dynamics expertise are:

  • CFD optimisation of hull forms and appendages using fluid dynamics simulation software
  • Aerodynamics of ship superstructures, exhaust gases
  • Internal aerodynamics (ventilation, air conditioning)
  • Seakeeping, ship operability, hydrodynamic loads, ship stabilization
  • Manoeuvring simulations and assessment
  • Support to propeller design, propeller optimization
  • Design/management/assessment of model scale and full scale experimental campaigns
Due to continuous activities carried out in industry applications for different areas of fluid dynamics, today CETENA can to provide fluid dynamics engineering solutions for any customer’s need (different analyses for research or production activities).