maneuvering of ship

CETENA has over thirty years experience in manoeuvring of ships, which began in the 1980s evolving its first bridge manoeuvring simulator, up to the last edition (SAND) constantly updated and developed for manoeuvering simulation and ship handling training courses.

With use of CETENA simulation laboratory it is possible to simulate real ship bridge, Captains and Pilots are able to manoeuvre the virtual ship as if it were real life situations, making decisions and performing action in a "safe" virtual world.

Simulation manoeuvring is performed in different environmental conditions (wind, sea state, sea bed, currents, etc.) in CETENA simulation department with support of Pilots to evaluate manoeuvring strategies and swept path according to ship manoeuvring behaviours. In addition, CETENA thanks to structural division can support the customers in finding out possible damages as consequence of collisions or hazardous maneuver effects (Port Crash).

Performing ship maneuvers into a 3D virtual environment, CETENA is able to:

  • evaluate compatibility and performances between harbour and ship manoeuvring characteristics;
  • find out the limit conditions for safe manoeuvering and tugs size;
  • estimate the risk related to a particular manoeuver/environment condition (risk assessment);
  • give support to Port Authority for harbour assessment, navigation aids, vessel design and training through simulations.

Thanks to many years of R&D and consultancy for harbour designers and Port Authorities, CETENA today is able to offer an integrated simulation environment combined with realistic behavior of the ship with active support of CETENA technicians to guarantee the best results to the customers.