Monitoring design


CETENA has great experience in the design, development, construction and installation of ship decision support systems; in the last few years, several systems have been developed and delivered on both civil and navy ships, regarding both the structural monitoring and the energy assessment (performance and consumption). These activities, facing diversified.

Our activities and Advantages

The monitoring and decision support systems developed by CETENA allow to detect the environmental and operating conditions in which the ship or the infrastructur systems.
The data acquisition from the field sensors or dedicated subsystems, appropriately and possible actions to optimize the use of energy.

  • Structural monitoring makes available accurate and reliable information about the health status of the monitored opera, both for real-time evaluations and for post-processing analysis which allows to observe the structure over time. The interpretation and knowledge of operations.

  • Ship performance assessment, based on the data available coming from dedicated or integrated systems on board, allows the evaluation both in real time and afterwards of the optimal operating conditions proper for the navigation optimization and consumption reduction; improvement actions are evaluated based on the collection of long-term data, retrofit operations to improve performance (change propellers, paint application, etc.) are evaluated, indications about the optimum navigation trim to minimize consumption are provided.

  • The energy performance monitoring of a complex system (infrastructure, ship, port, etc.) allows to identify the different ways to employ the energy sources and recognize the most critical areas. Through the system, the user is capable to estimate the current operating condition, identify corrective and improvement actions, predict the effect of eventual technical implementations and / or new management strategies, with the aim to minimize energy consumption and, consequently, pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions.