Mooring Analysis

The progressive increase of ship dimensions and the worsening of environmental conditions have highlighted the importance of mooring analysis in recent times.

In this field CETENA has built up its competence integrating its theoretical, engineering know how, mooring analysis software knowledge and the practical experience on the pier working closer to masters and seamen in several shipyards of Fincantieri Group.

CETENA has developed skills and tools for the analysis of moored systems aimed to the assessment of loads on ship and pier mooring fittings due to wind, current and sea induced forces.

As a result, complete support for design and optimized mooring systems and pier layouts (of new or existing terminals) can be provided to the customer. Furthermore, assessments can be performed in order to identify the environmental condition limits in which the ship can safely operate.

This is why CETENA is in position to provide a comprehensive and solid support to the customer on any issue related to in-shore mooring of any type of ship.