fluid dynamics simulation

The potential adverse effect of vessels as source of underwater noise is gaining an important role in the international community compelling the shipping sector to face the issue. The problem of accurate measurements of underwater noise radiated by surface vessels is becoming of increasing importance because of the recognized possible impact that this kind of noise may have on marine life and marine mammals in particular. In the meantime, ship noise and vibrations onboard remain crucial for shipyards and ship owners.

Thanks to significant experience gained in the framework of the most important European research projects, focused on marine acoustic (SILENV – Ship oriented Innovative solutions to reduce Noise and Vibrations and SONIC – Suppression Of underwater Noise Induced by Cavitation), CETENA has gained in-depth knowledge in the assessment of ship noise and vibrations on board and underwater noise, both with experimental and numerical simulation approach.

In particular, as far as the experimental field is concerned, CETENA has designed an innovative system for cavitation observation and measurements of underwater noise and propeller pressure pulses induced on the hull, through three independent measurement systems.

Regarding numerical simulation CETENA has developed a fully integrated methodology, based on a combination of hydrodynamic, structural and hydro-acoustic tools, to evaluate both the underwater radiated noise and the ship vibrations induced onboard improving customer needs.