Port Risk Analysis


CETENA, thanks to its transversal experience gained in the maritime sector, is actively involved in the development and streamlining of port systems and logistics platforms, exploiting its skills in the fields of logistics, risk analysis, energy efficiency, and manoeuvring studies.

Our Activities

CETENA can support Port Authorities, National Coast Guards, designers, Public Institutions and commercial operators by offering an interdisciplinary approach, aimed at developing new logistics areas or enhancing the existing ones.
The activities that the company offers are:
• Manoeuvring studies of ships and floaters;
• Mooring analysis;
• Logistic studies for port areas and evaluation of the impact on the surrounding road traffic;
• Support in the design of port infrastructures;
• Risk assessment related to port activities (both maritime and inland) and identification of mitigating solutions;
• Energy assessment and identification of solutions for efficiency.


The integrated approach proposed by CETENA is characterized by its strong interdisciplinary background, which enables the creation of a "Digital Twin" of the port capable of encompassing all its different aspects. Thanks to this, the following results can be achieved:
• Evaluation of the maximum operational capacity of the harbour;
• Optimization of the docks and yards layouts, vehicles and people flows, loading and unloading processes, and of the usage of the port areas;
• Definition of solutions or barriers for risk mitigation and/or assessment of the maximum operational capacity in compliance with the established safety parameters;
• Energy efficiency integrated with the logistics needs of the port.