Risk Assessment


CETENA has gained a long experience in the field of risk analysis applied to the maritime sector. The main applications performed in recent years are related to the naval installations of different types of units, from passenger ships to different kinds of military units. In particular, these analysis techniques have been applied to security systems, energy storage systems and systems for the production of unconventional energy for the reference sector.

Our activities

  • Study of the regulatory and technological contexts relevant to the project
  • Critical analysis of the project documentation
  • Identification and application of the analysis methods best suited to the operating circumstance
  • Organization and coordination of the project team
  • Identification and elaboration of risk mitigation actions
  • Drafting of project documentation and final reports


Thanks to the heterogeneity of the working group active in the field of risk analysis, CETENA guarantees its support during:

  • The design, developing integrated solutions aimed at implementing the logic of reducing the level of risk in the project parameters, following an iterative approach that aims at optimal solutions
  • The approval stage of the project technical documentation, managing relations with the certification and design bodies