Safe Return to Port (SRtP)


CETENA has been working in the field of Safe Return to Port (SRtP) since this regulatory system came into force in 2010, revolutionizing the design, construction processes and ship product. Thanks to a team of experts in ship design, mechanical, electrical and air conditioning systems, CETENA supports Fincantieri and Vard in the design of all modern passenger ship classes developed to meet the ambitious requirements introduced by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Our activities

The risk assessment capabilities are also used in the analysis of on-board systems, among which the Safe Return to Port is the leading application. These skills have been stregthened starting from the vulnerability assessments on military ships. These studies are carried out thanks to a dedicated proprietary tool capable of both simulating damage from fire and flooding and evaluating its effects on onboard systems, according to the provisions of the Safe Return to Port regulations. The identification of alternative design solutions and the definition of the actions necessary for the recovery of the ship's performance following damage are part of the analysis.

Thanks to the various studies developed over the years, CETENA is able to support the designers in the preliminary design phases, the shipyards during the construction phases up to the delivery and the owners during the ship life-cycle.

Thanks to the experience gained in the field, CETENA has developed ASSIST "shipboard operator smart assistant for SRtP", the next generation guide for operators, designed to actively assist crew members in carrying out complex team tasks during a SRtP emergency situation. ASSIST is equivalent to the Safe Return to Port Operations Manual required by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). This is the first digital SRtP application that meets SOLAS requirements in a modern and effective way that has obtained certification from classification bodies and flag administrations. ASSIST, in addition to ensuring greater reliability and ergonomics for users, allows to avoid printing hundreds of paper manuals.

In this context, CETENA offers the following services:

  • Support to the design bodies for the fulfillment of SRtP requirements
  • Assessment of the compartmentalization of the ship and of the plant layouts
  • Support in the document approval process
  • Production of paper or digital operating manuals
  • Customization, supply, installation and maintenance of the ASSIST system
  • Support in the on-board test phases
  • Training for designers, on-site personnel and crew members


CETENA is one of the very few companies in the world that has been active on the SRtP front since the first SRtP compliant ship that was built. CETENA is therefore able to offer total support that starts from the first phases of the ship design and proceeds up to the training of the crew members. The working group that deals with SRtP is able to provide solutions aimed at obtaining the necessary certifications with the least possible impact on the project, the processes and therefore on the costs. Those who rely on CETENA in addressing the design and construction of passenger ships can count on the highest level of experience which results into the delivery of the ship with all the approvals and required SRtP documentation.