Ship Energy Assessment & Optimization


The International Maritime Organization (IMO), with the aim of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of the international maritime transport by at least 50% by 2050 (compared to 2008), has introduced ambitious and increasingly stringent requirements on emissions, which require the Shipowners and the Shipbuilders to radically rethink their processes and technical solutions onboard.
Thanks to the experience gained in the field of on-board systems and relying on a team made up of experts in ship design, mechanical and electrical systems, CETENA supports shipping companies and major shipbuilding groups worldwide by providing consultancy in the evaluation, optimization, and monitoring of the energy performance of ships throughout their life cycle.

Our activities 

Being an integral part of the ship design process and relying on a strong multi-disciplinary team, CETENA can create an energy-focused digital twin of the ship and compare the operating profile of the real ship with its expected optimal operating conditions, thus providing useful indications to limit consumption and emissions. In this context, CETENA has developed the ASSIST Energy system, a decision support tool for the energy management on board.

The main features of the system are:
- Acquisition of data coming from the several on-board systems and remote access for consultation;
- Monitoring, calculation, and prediction of the CII index (CII simulator) taking into account the planned routes;
- Support in the fleet management aimed at containing the CII of the individual units;
- Dynamic calculation of the optimal trim (Trim Optimizer);
- Monitoring of the ship's propulsive performance and identification of anomalies and possible improvements; - Monitoring of energy flows on board the ship and identification of anomalies and possible improvements;
- Support in the management of the energy produced and used by the ship according to the operational profile (route, number of people onboard, weather and sea conditions).

For the existing ships and fleets, CETENA experts from different sectors (hydrodynamics, sea trials, naval plant engineering) can provide:

- the characterization of the existing ships in order to assess the optimal operating profile required to implement effective operational efficiency strategies;
- calculation of EEXI and evaluation of possible operational strategies and plant solutions aimed at its containment.


CETENA, thanks to its experience in the fields of sea trials, computational hydrodynamics, plant design, and independent product development, is able to offer innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of its customers.

Being part of the ship design process of the Fincantieri group, CETENA has the right tools to create a digital twin of the ship capable of both simulating and predicting phenomena that would be difficult to deduce using standardized approaches based only on the ship’s behavior analysis.

Furthermore, leveraging on its well-established networking with academia, leading scientific research centres and major shipping groups, CETENA can perform simulations based on state-of-the-art models developed and validated through operators feedback.