ship surveyor

In order to evaluate the ability of naval vessels to carry out a mission, CETENA has an extensive experience on IR/acoustic signature analysis and vulnerability simulations thanks to years of research and experimental surveys.

Since 1998 CETENA has provided IR signature analysis for Italian Navy vessels and has taken part in NATO Task Group on the characterization and measurement of Naval Infrared Target and Background Signatures. CETENA ensured the IR signature control for Fincantieri Naval Vessels starting from the Design phase, through the “as-built” and verification phase carried out with measurement campaigns, in collaboration with the Italian Navy. CETENA uses software tools adopted by the NATO Group, validated during the years by the most important Navies of the world, capable of predicting the infrared signature of naval vessel in their sea background in any type of operative conditions.

For what concerns vulnerability, CETENA has developed an in-house code for vulnerability assessment, which is the result of research and cooperation with the Italian Navy, including live tests. As result of this code, CETENA is able to evaluate the ship vulnerability with respect to under water and surface threats, such as mines, antiship missiles, etc.

CETENA is able to tailor its vulnerability code according to customer needs. The code can be used during both concept design for prediction and at the end of the design process for evaluation. In addition the latest version of the code is also able to evaluate fire propagation after the damage, thus extending its capabilities in the recoverability field.