ship structural analysis

CETENA has a long standing experience in ship structural analysis and design using FEM static and dynamic computations (both linear and non-linear). Our knowledge also covers specialized fields such as structural response to impulsive (slamming, shock, blast), fatigue and thermal loads.
CETENA has also developed specific know how in ship simulation accidents and wreck securing, removal and dismantling.

For over 20 years CETENA has been involved in research projects concerning composite materials, increasing our capability in the design and analysis of composite structures, outfitting and ballistic protection for marine applications.
Our team is able to deal with the design of structures made of conventional (generic ship steel) and innovative materials such as high-performance steel (HSLA), light alloys and composites.

CETENA can simulate every type of material in shipbuilding, thanks to our constantly updated database and to laboratory tests (performed both in our Testing Laboratory in Riva Trigoso and by our partners), allowing our team to spearhead the progress in ship structural analysis and design.

Extensive campaigns of applied research in the field of ballistic protection are being constantly performed to develop innovative solutions for naval protection for our customers.

For these reasons CETENA can provide today:

  • Ship structural analysis;
  • Linear and non-linear FEM computations;
  • Strength assessment and fatigue;
  • Evaluation of response to impulsive loads;
  • Design and assessment of composite structures;
  • Solutions for outfitting and ballistic protection;
  • Thermo-mechanical analyses;
  • Simulation of docking and launching structural response.
Thanks to our fifty years of partnership with Fincantieri, we are able to offer special attention to the integration of our simulations and design in the industrial process, delivering complete solutions to our customers.