virtual prototyping technology

In the last 20 years, CETENA has realized a proper dedicated area involved in application of Virtual Prototype technologies for any type of ship operations, both internal ship activities and interaction between other naval units or aircraft.

Virtual Reality and real-time interactive simulation are a significant support for design, verification and study of particular conditions otherwise difficult or impossible to reproduce. Virtual reality is currently used in projects developed in collaboration with the Italian Navy and Fincantieri, allowing to evaluate the effectiveness of operational procedures on board of Naval Units.

The benefit obtained by using a Virtual Prototype technology interactively explorable by the user, resides mainly in the ability to build, test and evaluate products and operations in a virtual environment where any change in shape or use, effectively results in terms of costs.

The Simulation can be also used in extreme and dangerous conditions allowing designers and operative personnel to cooperate for reducing risks and support the design to define correct layout onboard.

CETENA’s virtual prototyping division is also capable of supporting the customers through different interaction levels with virtual model:

  • Digital Mock-up, the way to navigate inside a virtual model to improve a first check of model developed (for example ergonomics analysis)
  • Functional Virtual Prototyping, to perform simulation in real time to evaluate operation feasibility (simulation of RAS operation, loading/unloading auxiliary boat, etc.)
  • Constructional Virtual Prototyping, to perform simulation in real time to evaluate construction feasibility (for example crane operation in shipyard)