Environmental tests

CETENA has over 10 years of experience in the research field, exploring innovative technological solutions that are able to reduce exhausted gases and concentrations of pollutants in water, greenhouse gas emissions and acoustic emissions into air and water. This is important in order to achieve the best trade-off in terms of performance, energy efficiency and emission reduction and in order to comply with regulations. These activities have always been supported, thanks to the vast experience gained in the field of sea trials as well as to the intense experimental activity.

Regarding the emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases, CETENA is able to support the stakeholders (shipowners, harbours, shipyards, classification societies) in the planning and execution of experimental campaigns (onboard and/or ashore, realistically or on prototypes and demonstrators) that aim to verify the efficiency of the implemented mitigation solutions, both at the development stage and at the validation and certification stage.

Moreover, CETENA uses systems for the measurement of the underwater radiated noise that comes from ships. This phenomenon has an impact on marine life and especially on marine mammals, and nowadays it is a subject of great importance for marine protected areas, harbour authorities and shipowners. In particular, the propeller represents one of the main sources of noise, and CETENA combines years of experience in the numerical simulation of all the involved phenomena with strong experimental expertise. This set of skills contributes to the validation of the numerical models developed and it allows to realistically evaluate these phenomena (realistic cavitation observation, measurement of pressure induced by the propeller on the hull and of the noise radiated in far-field and the study and validation of the relationship between them).

It also allows to verify that the contractual and legal requirements are fulfilled (measures to achieve Additional Class Notation, in collaboration with the Registries of Classifies) and to ensure the identified corrective actions through experiment. Furthermore, CETENA has solid experience in aeroacoustics in the field of naval facilities, harbour and industrial production plants and related infrastructure. CETENA applies cutting-edge technology, devices, monitoring systems and digital models that allow the simulation of reality at the current and future stages of the acoustic impact in the study field.

The recent experience gained with complex industrial companies such as naval establishments and through research projects in the field of radiated noise in air from civilian ships, allows to use the acoustic competencies gained by CETENA to verify and limit the acoustic impact. These competencies and the significant naval database enable to develop methodologies to apply to specific cases in harbour facilities and production plants which, in turn, enable the management of these areas in direct contact with urban areas that are more sensitive to acoustic pollution.

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