Sea trials

 With over 40 years of experience in sea trials and experimental activities, CETENA has the combination of knowledge, skills and operational experience on board which contributes to give the clients the best solution in each phase of the ship’s life. CETENA can offer a wide range of services on board as:

  1. Ship performance – CETENA technicians can carry out several types of activities such as speed (ISO 15016 – ITTC), power efficiency, consumption, ship turning, manoeuvrability stopping capabilities, hull and propeller roughness measurements.

  2. Comfort on board – CETENA experts can provide support in different areas such as:
    • noise and vibration, with measurements on board and diagnostic analysis
    • seakeeping measurements of ship motions in various sea states to determine comfort levels, hull stress, crew workability and likelihood of sea sickness
    • on board measurements of lighting levels and illumination quality to check regulations compliance and assess comfort on board
    • measurements of electromagnetic fields in working places with evaluation of single sources emissions and thermal insulation condition

  3. Ship Structures – Tests and measurements related to platform and ship’s structures can be carried out by CETENA, such as static and dynamic strain gauges measurements to investigate the behaviour of any kind of structure.

  4. CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) – CETENA can perform on board analyses to increase machinery availability and decrease life-cycle costs through onboard measurements as identification and monitoring of hot spots in engine room and detecting temperature in areas difficult to access.

Thanks to different types of activities carried out on board, CETENA can provide recommendations and engineering solutions customised for any customer needs. Furthermore, all experimental activities can be integrated with computational analysis, simulation and scientific-engineering studies.

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