The Shipboard Operator Smart Assistant for Safe Return to Port (SRtP ASSIST) is the next generation guide for operators.

Custom developed to actively assist crew members in performing complex team tasks during a SRtP emergency situation.
ASSIST is based on a set of rugged portable devices interacting each other, running an app developed to provide an exhaustive amount of information, useful to fully describe the SRtP procedure, and to keep track of the tasks completed. The app is developed with ergonomics and human centered design philosophy to reduce human errors and fatigue.

ASSIST advantages

Certified: certified by Lloyd’s Register and also recognized by many State Flag Administration as effective support for SRtP

Hard-wearing: specifically designed to reliably operate in harsh usage environments and conditions

Human Centered Design: developed following the Human Centered Design (HCD) principles, aimed at enhancing the user concentration and reducing human errors and fatigue.

Training tool: enhances training effectiveness for improving crew skills with a modern cost effective training approach.

Interactive: interacts with ship systems by means of technologies as the QR code or augmented reality; can be connected to digital network (WI-FI) to exchange information with ship in real time.

Light & tiny: allows to save space and weight on board with more compact and lightweight tablet racks.

Cost-efficient lifecycle: easily to be updated after any ship modification.