Fast Boat & Small Arms

The FAST BOAT & SMALL ARMS are simulators for all levels of tactical training, with a fully scalable range of options for a realistic and cost-effective simulation training for different operational activities.
The FAST BOAT & SMALL ARMS simulators are part of the MANTA (Multipurpose Advanced Networked Training Architecture) suite.

MANTA solutions integrate different training methods and tools. They support the latest VR HMI, articulated viewing systems, moving platforms and integration of real devices.

In order to follow the training path of each participant, the Training Manager (TM) module has been developed giving them the possibility to upgrade their skills through different courses.
MANTA is in continuous evolution to develop advanced naval training solutions, fully satisfying customer requirements and needs.

Training opportunities

  • Coordination of operations in different adverse weather conditions
  • Controlling real boats, navigation systems and radio communication
  • Body forces simulation coming from broaching, acceleration, slamming and planning and high-speed shock and vibration effects
  • Interaction with other vessels or objects
  • Situation awareness and accident prevention through practice
  • Tactical manoeuvring
  • Simulation of Fast Riding, Interception, Unmanned Surface Vehicle and Special Forces Crafts with high fidelity weapon replicas, trajectory tracking and ballistic calculation
  • Adapted to a number of firearms to impart basic training, firing skills, improve weapon handling skills and test the skill level of trainees in complex scenarios and boat movements
  • Debriefing of a training session through record and playback facilities

Advantages and Characteristics

Flexible: easily adaptable to specific operators’ training needs
Realistic: immersive VR viewing system with detailed 3D graphical databases actively involving the trainees
Scalable: from basic training to complex scenario for realistic training
Interoperable: possibility to operate with other simulators and/or real systems