Full Mission Naval Simulator

MANTA FMNS represents the next innovative generation of whole ship simulators specially designed for advanced and integrated team training in naval industry.

It is based on a cutting-edge technology platform enabling realistic training scenarios with full-scale command bridge mockup, covering all the navigation and control functions.

MANTA FMNS is already experienced by Italian and foreign Navies.

Training opportunities

  • Focused on naval warfare operations
  • Amphibious operation
  • All weather conditions
  • Handling and manoeuvring
  • Coordinated search and rescue (SAR, CSAR)
  • Joint operations


Accurate: detailed hydrodynamic model ensures maximum realism in exercises, for making training effective in real-life scenarios.

Realistic: immersive VR viewing system with detailed 3D geographical databases strongly involves the trainees.

Scalable: from single bridge to more complex systems with additional equipment.

Flexible: a suite of products in continuous evolution, adaptable to any need and any future technological upgrades.

Customizable: tailored on customer requirements.

Interoperable: with other simulation systems using standards DIS/HLA and/or customized solutions.