Helicopter Tactical Simulator

The helicopter simulator was developed for tactical operations that can be performed in joint missions coordinated with other units. It is always linked to the naval unit simulators to perform joint operations.

The helicopter simulator is part of the MANTA (Multipurpose Advanced Networked Training Architecture) suite. MANTA solutions integrate different training methods and tools. They support the latest VR HMI, articulated viewing systems, moving platforms and integration of real devices.

The cockpit has all the main elements and functionalities to properly train the users to perform naval operations and to involve other trainees in the field.

Training Opportunities

  • Control of the helicopter navigation through a replica of helicopter controls, as well as a virtual control displayed on touch screens.
  • Management of radio communications
  • Take-off and landing on Naval Units
  • Take-off and landing from the ground
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Interaction with Flight Deck Operator
  • Joint Operations

Features and Functions

The helicopter made-up of the following:


Console with 2 seat stations for Pilot and Copilot, which includes multitouch screens for virtual simulation of flight instruments and control as collective, throttle, cyclical, pedalboard.


The external vision is presented front-on with monitors or video projectors, and with the support of a Virtual Reality helmet to guarantee high-quality real-time rendering and the maximum degree of realism.


The simulator includes a 5.1 audio system which reproduces environmental effects and engine sounds as well as the sounds of other mechanical parts that are typical of a helicopter.