hull stress monitoring system

Operating ships in a safe and reliable way is a challenge that requires skills, competences and any technological help available today. Any type of ship can be provided with a Hull Stress Monitoring system that represents an effective support to safe navigation.

CETENA has dedicated much effort to develop monitoring systems capable of evaluating the ship behaviour and the environmental conditions in which it operates, in order to provide a real time status of ship structural condition.

Sh.A.M.An. (Ship Advance monitoring and Analysis) HMS (Hull Monitoring System) is a tool developed by CETENA and able to reduce the risk of damage to hull structures caused by improper loading or navigation in bad weather conditions. The system can be customized according to specific customer needs, integrating different kinds of sensors like global and local strain gauges, accelerometers, inclinometers, pressure gauges, etc.. It provides warning/alarms in real time if hull motions and/or local stresses approach to overtake defined thresholds. In this way the onboard personnel has a reliable measure of loads on ship structure and resulting risk levels and is able to take proper countermeasures.

Sh.A.M.An. HMS can be interfaced with the most important and widespread navigation equipment, automation system, VDRs and loading computers. In particular, interfacing with loading computer allows to compare the calculated bending moment with the actual one measured and recorded by sensors onboard: the loading/unloading operations of the ship can be always kept under control and the personnel warned about situations potentially dangerous for the ship structures.

In addition to record stress and motion histories, the software can also counts and records fatigue cycles, the information collected can be used to assist both in real time and in fatigue life assessment and prediction, with the possibility to prevent structural cracks and to schedule inspections and maintenance activities.

Sh.A.M.An. HMS can be interfaced with ship maintenance software systems in order to set up a maintenance plan based on hull structural condition, providing also an opportunity for ship owners to negotiate a lower insurance premium; furthermore, Sh.A.M.An. HMS obtained the certificate of Design Assessment by RINA according to the additional class notation MON-HULL + S.

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