Multipurpose Advanced Networked Training Architecture using Simulation Naval Engineering Techniques (MANTASNET)

MANTASNET is an integrated simulation framework for reliable early Stage performance assessment of the warship.
MANTASNET provides structured support allowing to define a balance between customer ambitions (needs), available budget, and possible warship solutions.

It is a software environment that implements a new, internationally-shared methodology to perform trade-offs for selectingamong the set of efficient design configurations the best one according to the customer preference during the pre-feasibility phase Early Stage Ship Design (ESSD).

MANTASNET is a set of ship preliminary design modules, integrated in a unique framework, to:

  • Model warship configurations (Platform & Combat System)
  • Assess technical Warship feasibility
  • Perform a cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Enable Design Space Exploration

Characteristics & Advantages

Mission-driven capability: starting from the analysis of the operational needs, MANTASNET performs trade-offs analysis among main ship design parameters and operational capabilities.

Warship Requirement setting: analyzing the customer's operational needs, MANTASNET supportsthe warship requirements definition, identifying the warship characteristics that best meet such needs.

Interactive Dashboard: MANTASNET includes an advanced user interface to enable post-processing and analysis of the output of ship synthesis models, cost models, and operational effectiveness models

Design Space Exploration: MANTASNET incorporate a set of tools devoted to Multiple Criteria Decision Making (MCDM), enabling theexploration of many ship design alternatives that populate the feasible design space.

Extensible and configurable: MANTASNET allows the usersto update the database in terms historical ship data to extend the statistical analysis and to model new naval tasks.