ship performance monitoring system

Minimisation of fuel consumption is one of the top priorities of ship-owners and ship operators. CETENA, thanks to its extended experience has developed two tools - Performance Monitoring system (PM) & Optimum Trim Estimator (OTE) - able to monitor all the relevant parameters on board and provide the necessary information to increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Performance Monitoring (PM) collects data from the vessel’s automation and navigation system and from specifically installed sensors (flowmeters, torquemeters, inclinometers…), displays all relevant information to ship Master and provides customized voyage reporting according to customer needs.

PM, coupled with the Optimum Trim Estimator (OTE) module, can monitor and optimize dynamic trim in real time. The adoption of an optimum trim during navigation is the best solution to significantly reduce fuel consumption (up to 4% depending on ship type), increasing the cost/benefit ratio.

The PM system, eventually equipped with the OTE module, allows the acquisition and recording of all information relevant to the ship propulsive performance, including the trim actually adopted during navigation and the possible fuel saving achievable by adopting the optimum one. The recorded file can be opened and manually analyzed by text editors or worksheets.

In addition, CETENA has developed a proper tool for offline data post-processing capable to analyze recorded data in order to evaluate and compare the ship propulsive performances along its operational life, allowing to critically compare different operational management strategies and to assess the benefit of retrofit interventions.

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