ship docking simulator

Thanks to a long lasting experience in R&D projects and consultancy for harbour designers and Port Authorities, CETENA can offer a wide and solid competence in maritime field simulation. The new CETENA simulator is based on a suite of software products, MANTA (Multipurpose Advanced Naval Training Architecture), developed to simulate every type of operations and procedures on board ships.

Application fields
Developed for the military and civilian market in the field of training and product value chain. The system is extremely effective throughout the product life cycle:

  • Simulation and training
  • Port assessments
  • Test bed
  • Virtual prototyping
  • Product life cycle support
  • Human behaviour analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Integrated system effectiveness testing
  • Definition and tuning of operative procedures
  • Planning and analysis of dangerous activities

Scalable and flexible
MANTA is an ecosystem of a suite of products in continuous evolution, catering to customer and market needs. COTS hardware and standard interfaces make the framework adaptable to any need and any future technological upgrades. It supports the latest VR HMI, articulated viewing systems, moving platforms and real devices integration fully satisfying customer requirements.

The simulation architecture is able to represent both large and crowded scenarios with joint operations among many entities controlled by human or artificial intelligence and single unit operations involving vessel conduction, engine management, sub-systems and procedural training. MANTA integrates different training methods and tools in a common scenario to meet advanced training needs, for task oriented team cooperation, coordination and human behaviour analysis in realistic stressful situations.

Engineering solutions tailored on ship needs