Tactical Naval Trainer

The Tactical Naval Trainer (TNT) is a solution for all levels of tactical training, with a fully scalable range of options, from single operator training to fleet complex operations training.

TNT is part of MANTA (Multipurpose Advanced Networked Training Architecture) that integrates different training methods and tools.

MANTA is available in different versions in both standard and advanced customized naval training solutions, fully satisfying customer requirements and needs. It supports the latest VR HMI, articulated viewing systems, moving platforms and real devices integration.

Training opportunities

  • Fleet Tactical manoeuvring
  • Anti aircraft warfare (AAW) and missile defence
  • Anti-surface warfare (ASUW) against surface ship, fast attack craft (FAC), unmanned surface vehicle (USV)
  • Anti submarine warfare (ASW), self defense against incoming torpedo
  • Land attack
  • Helicopter operations
  • Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance
  • Maritime interdiction
  • Escort operations
  • Coast guard
  • Search and rescue (SAR)


Flexible: easy adaptable to specific training needs

Realistic: immersive VR viewing system with detailed 3D geographical databases strongly involves the trainees

Scalable: from basic training to complex scenario training

Interoperable: with other simulator and/or real systems using standards DIS/HLA and/or customized solutions