WHALE Classroom training simulators

The Classroom Training Simulator (CTS) is an individual training solution focused on particular functionalities that can be customized with a different number of trainee stations (typically 10/12 for each classroom), in order to coordinate more operators at the same time.
Each type of classroom is based on a desktop solution suitable for customer needs. The Classroom Training Simulator is able to simulate on-board systems for different operators’ training levels, both standard and advanced training, to learn the main functions of on-board systems.

WHALEsolutions integrate different training methods and tools. They support the latest VR HMI, articulated viewing systems, moving platforms and integration of real devices. In order to follow the training path of each participant, the Training Manager (TM) module has been developed giving them the possibility to upgrade their skills through different courses.
WHALE is in continuous evolution to develop advanced naval training solutions, fully satisfying customer requirements and needs.

Classroom types

  • STEERING: Navigation simulators for training with different kinds of ships involved in different scenarios with various environment parameters.
  • ARPA: Simulators for generic and specific Radar Classic and ARPA training.
  • ECDIS: Simulators for generic and specific ECDIS training.
  • GMDSS: Simulators for all GMDSS equipment.
  • BRIDGE DESKTOP: Complete simulation system with all the main equipment for navigation.

Advantages & characteristics

Flexible: easily adaptable to specific operators’ training needs.

Realistic: immersive VR viewing system with detailed 3D graphical databases actively involving the trainees.

Scalable: from basic to complex scenario for a realistic training; it is enhanced for new ships, coastal areasand software modules.

Interoperable: possibility to operate with other simulators and/or real systems using DIS/HLA standards or customized solutions.
It is integrable into more complex solutions with Full Bridge Simulators or other training systems.