WHALE Serious Games

SERIOUS GAMES is a virtualenvironment in which the participants can be trained in specific procedures; itrecreates situations which use dynamic, interactive, multi-user and multimedia tools to facilitate learning during the training. It can be used in combination with the traditional training to increase the skill levelsthrough an innovative and immersive team training approach. Using this virtualenvironment, participants can learn by doing.

WHALE solutions integrate different training methods and tools. It supports the latest VR HMI, articulatedviewing systems, movingplatforms and integration of real devices.
In order to follow the training path of eachparticipant, the Training Manager (TM) modulehasbeen developed giving them the possibility to upgrade their skills throughdifferentcourses.

WHALEis in continuousevolution to developadvancednaval training solutions, fullysatisfying customer requirements and needs.

Training opportunities

  • Possibility to simulate firefighting, anchoringoperations, RHIB launch and recovery, man overboard recovery, steering operations in degraded mode, anti-flooding, replenishmentatsea (RAS) operations.
  • Interaction among the operators with activeinvolvementduring training activities usingdifferentequipment with instant feedback to the actions taken by the operators.
  • Shared&virtual executive team cooperation.
  • Innovative training to add to the standard classroommodality, in order to improve the operators’ skills duringoperational activities and emergencies.
  • Situation awareness and accidentpreventionthroughpractice.
  • Interaction during activities among the operators and intelligent agents to drive the simulation.
  • Debriefing of a training session through record/playback facilities and individualdetailed scores.

Advantages and Characteristics

Flexible: easilyadaptable to specificoperators’ training needs

Realistic: immersive VR viewing system activelyinvolving the trainees

Scalable: from basic training to complex scenario for realistic training

Interoperable: possibility to operate with other simulators and/or real systems