Augmented reality for maintenance and training

X-GEAR is an augmented reality system which helps the operators in maintaining operations by reducing the cognitive load of the decision-making process.

X-GEAR allows the collection of the information needed in a paperless way and intuitively displays them as images superimposed onto the user's vision of the real world, thanks to a wearable visor.
It is an immersive technology that enhances the vision of reality through information streaming from a continuously updated database.

It is an innovative tool that supports the operational activities in any Industrial field by making the training and technical assistance easier and faster and to reduce human errors and fatigue.


  • Automatic object recognition
  • Access and display of technical documents
  • Inspection visits check-list
  • Maintainance instructions
  • Support to routine operations
  • Additional functions coming from specific assessments
  • Remote Maintenance


  • Improvement of human safety during operations
  • Better management of documentation
  • Reduction of intervention time
  • Reduction in the risk of human error
  • Reduction of training time