cetena research europe

CETENA from its creation has been involved in research and development activities in the maritime sector, dealing with all the different aspects related to ships through the different CETENA competences as materials and structures, hydrodynamics, monitoring systems, environment, virtual reality and virtual prototyping.

Within the European frame, CETENA recently participated as coordinator and as a partner to projects focusing on:

  • Advanced materials (polymeric composites and special steel)
  • Structural monitoring, fuel consumption monitoring, maintenance systems and decision support systems for ship management and operation
  • Innovative structures and advanced structural design methodologies
  • Noise emissions, both in air and water
  • “Green” technologies and reduction systems of emissions
  • Life Cycle Analysis and Multi Criteria Analysis tools and methodologies
  • Hydrodynamic analysis methodologies, propulsion and propeller design.

Thanks to a dedicated office, CETENA is in the position to:

  • Maintain a network linking the main R&D stakeholders at European level, i.e. Universities, Research Centres
  • Participate in European interest groups as Waterborne, “ECMAR – European Cooperation in Maritime Research”, and “Vessels for the Future”
  • Monitor European calls
  • Continuously update its research topics.

Research for sea innovations