cetena research italy

In the Italian frame, CETENA takes part in several national and regional projects with leading or partner roles. The projects cover all scientific fields in which CETENA traditionally operates. The recently developed projects have been focused on:

  • Advanced materials
  • Noise emissions, both in air and water
  • “Green” technologies and emissions reduction systems
  • Hydrodynamic analysis methodologies, propulsion and propeller design.

To better coordinate research and development activities, CETENA’s dedicated office performs the following activities:

  • Maintains a direct link with Universities, Research Centres, Ministries of Transport, Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Education and Research, Italian Technological Districts (IMAST, NavTec, MareFVG, DLTM), Technological Innovation Poles as well as the National Maritime Technological Platform and National Technological Clusters
  • Monitors regional and national research calls
  • “Continuously updates its research activities.

Research for sea innovations

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