CETENA is deeply involved in the sustainability path taken by Fincantieri and complies with the ESG goals set by the Parent company and listed in the sustainability report. Thanks to its mission focused on the continuous search of partnerships with research institutes and on the anticipation of global phenomena, the company is already working on projects designed to reduce the environmental impact of ships. Over the years CETENA has constantly worked to identify solutions aimed to limit the acoustic emissions and to improve the energy performance, reducing the need of fuels and the emissions of pollutants and creating processes and design guidelines that improve the safety of passengers and onboard personell.

In the field of safety onboard, CETENA continues with the development of the manoeuvring simulator and the “Serious Games”. Both solutions represent cutting-edge tools to train the crew in performing onboard operations safely and allowing the experimental activity in a safe environment. During the 2021, CETENA also developed new functionalities of ASSIST, our support tool for the management of emergency situations onboard, to guide the crew in the ship securing operations following to fires or breaches. Moreover, a new program has started to develop new tools for the assessment of the Carbon Intensity Index and the Energy Efficiency Existing ships Index in order to study solutions that, according to the IMO emissions reduction goals, can be applied to the existing fleet.

Despite the complex logistic framework, CETENA employees join regularly the associations’ meetings and the round tables of the technical committees, invited by the stakeholders and regulation Authorities. CETENA’s presence contributed to the definition of the roadmap for the development of the European shipbuilding industry and of the new regulatory structures. Both these aspects are crucial to reach the targets of the emissions reduction expected by the “fit for 55” package and to continue to guarantee the maritime workers the highest security standards. The society has started the path to obtain the legality rating (d.l. 29/2012), has continued the application of the Protocollo Quadro Nazionale di Legalità, a legal framework to prevent infiltration attempts by organized crime recently signed by Fincantieri and Italian Interior Minister, and has successfully renewed its certifications, related to the security standards for the management of the information (ISO27001) and the quality system (certifications ISO9001 e ACCREDIA).

CETENA has also developed a significant training program for its employees, in collaboration with the group leader. The society has benefited from the development of the welfare program that was implemented on the impulse of Fincantieri and has adopted forms of work organization that have encouraged, where possible, the agile working, allowing a better reconciliation of professional and private life. In this framework significant investments have been undertaken, through the introduction of office 365 and other technological solutions, whose deploy will be completed in the next few years to make all remote work tools available and to reach the dematerialization of all support processes that still require the use of paper and consequently the presence of the employee in the office.

CETENA also confirms its mission as Research Centre for Fincantieri Group, assuring its presence and contribution to the most important R&D projects both at regional and international level. Among the most significant projects are those related to the study of the impacts of the new propulsion systems onboard, with the evaluation, for instance, of the structural and security aspects regarding the hydrogen storage onboard; the evaluation of the impacts related to the underwater radiated noise on marine fauna and the countermeasures for its reduction; the study of innovative materials to reduce the weight of the ship hull and consequently the energy consumption during navigation.

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