Transfer of technology is a necessary step for many industrial companies that need to acquire specific skills to cover their technology gap. From several years, CETENA plans and organizes training courses to support the growth of its customers.

Transfer of technology is a complex process implemented in CETENA and it foresees the definition of customer needs based on basic knowledge and final targets to be reached.

Many times CETENA supports customers with transfer of technology activities when in addition to the ship project delivery, customers also require the knowledge of integrated design process, construction and maintenance services for the ship’s entire life cycle.

Usually, the Transfer of Technology in CETENA follows a training structure based on three phases:

  • Theoretical training – principal theoretical notions and required specific knowledge in the classroom
  • On the Job training - practical applications applying the theory directly in the shipyard as the employee performs actual work
  • Monitoring training - case studies and the analysis of real documents to verify the acquired knowledge through functional exercises.
CETENA is able to organize customized Transfer of Technology programmes with the right combination of these three phases in function of specific customer needs also thanks to our experience in design activities and shipyards.

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